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Fundamentalist Mormonism Is the Original Mormonism

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made significant news over the past several years. The "Fundamentalist" church (FLDS) emerged from the Latter-day Saint church in Salt Lake City (LDS-SLC) around 1930, mainly in protest to the abolition of the doctrine of polygamy, as originally initiated by the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith Jr., and also practiced ... read more »

A Letter from a Mormon

In response to our teaching efforts by means of this electronic medium, we receive a tremendous amount of mail. Most of it is very encouraging. Devout people write to us stating how much they have learned, or have been helped, by reading from the more-than 1500 articles that we now have available. These notes warm our hearts. Others are sharply ... read more »

Is the Mormon Church the Restored Church?

The Mormon doctrine concerning the church is a maze of confusion and contradiction. According to Mormon teaching: "When Jesus Christ lived in mortality he established a Church" (Petersen 1974, 1). It is contended, however: [W]ith the passing of the so-called apostolic age the Church gradually drifted into a condition of apostasy, whereby succession in the priesthood was broken; and that ... read more »

The Mormons Seek a Face Lift

Our Mormon friends are opting for a "face lift." They are attempting to phase out the designation "Mormon Church" (which has a cultic connotation in the minds of many), and so popularize themselves with a more "Christian-like" designation. In a recent issue of U.S. News & World Report (March 19, 2001), there appeared an article titled, "Don't call it 'Mormon'" ... read more »

Mormon Doctrine: Baptism for the Dead

The fifteenth chapter of Paul's first Corinthian epistle deals with the subject of the bodily resurrection from the dead. This great treatise easily divides into four sections: - the resurrection of Jesus Christ as documented by the testimony of many eye-witnesses (vv. 1-11); - the Lord's resurrection from the dead-a divine guarantee of the future resurrection of the body (vv. ... read more »

News Story Focuses Spotlight on Aspects of Mormonism

The hearts of thousands of Americans beat with joy last week when news media outlets broke the story about the fifteen year-old young lady of Salt Lake City, who had been found after months of frenzied worry on the part of her family. Nine months ago, the teenager had mysteriously disappeared from her bedroom in the dead of night and ... read more »

Was Mormonism’s “Prophet” Misrepresented?

A previously published article on this website entitled, Is the Mormon Church the Restored Church? respectfully contended that it is not. One aspect of that piece dealt with the Mormon claim that Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the cult, was a "prophet" of God. We noted that Mormon writers argue that: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has ... read more »

What About Polygamy?

"Polygamy is very prevalent in our country, Papua New Guinea. What is the Bible position on this practice?" Polygamy is the practice of being married to more than one spouse at the same time. The first case of polygamy recorded in the Scriptures had to do with a descendant of the infamous Cain, Lamech, who "took unto him two wives" ... read more »

The Birthplace of Jesus: Bethlehem or Jerusalem?

"We have been asked to comment upon a claim made by a Mormon writer, namely the allegation that Joseph Smith did not err in his claim that Jesus was born in 'Jerusalem.'" For many years, critics of the Book of Mormon have called attention to a colossal blunder in that volume (but one of many), though the book claims to ... read more »

False Ideas about God

When Paul was in Athens, he declared to certain philosophers (who had gathered together to hear new ideas) that they were ignorant of the true God (Acts 17:23). In our current society, many feel that modern man has intellectually advanced beyond the primitive Greeks. The truth is, a significant segment of our own populous is about as crude in its ... read more »