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The Bible and Self-Esteem

No person is one-dimensional. Actually, there are three views of every individual: the view that God has of us, the opinions that others hold concerning us, and the perception we have of ourselves. Each of these is quite important. God's Image ... of Us First, let us consider the divine vantage point. This is the assessment that is accurate in ... read more »

Debt and Depression

One of the major problems in our modern, frenzied society is depression-that distressed state of mind that so interferes with the kind of happiness God wants each of us to enjoy. One of the significant causes of depression today is indebtedness. It is so easy to pile up debts, and so difficult to get out from beneath this burden, that ... read more »

The Christian and Depression

All of us become discouraged occasionally. That is simply a part of being human. One should not feel that discouragement is intrinsically sinful for it is not. That is evidenced by the fact that even our Lord sometimes became discouraged. Even Jesus Was Discouraged The prophet Isaiah represents the coming Messiah as saying, "I have labored in vain, I have ... read more »

Is It a Sin for a Christian To Be Depressed?

"Is it a sin for a Christian to be depressed? I am depressed sometimes, and I feel guilty about it. Can you give me any advice?" Could anxiety be sinful? Yes - if we accept the testimony of Jesus, and we respect the apostolic command of Paul. But the Bible certainly acknowledges that life's complications can be depressing (the word ... read more »

The Value of Modesty

Louis L'Amour was a premier novelist. His fascinating stories of the old west have been bestsellers. L'Amour had a vast personal library dealing with American frontier lore, and he was meticulous in producing works that are fastidiously accurate in terms of the culture of the 1800s. Some years ago a national magazine published an article by L'Amour which addressed the ... read more »

Hand me a pill; my syndrome is bugging me!

I can easily remember the days when I had never heard of a manic-depressive (now commonly known as bipolar). My extended family (grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and close cousins) was numerous. But none of these, to my knowledge, was ever on "nerve medication." They arose early, worked hard, provided for their families, and recreated according to the outlets of ... read more »

The Devastating Effects of Divorce

Through the prophet Malachi, Jehovah God said to ancient Israel: "I hate divorce" (2:16, NASB). The Lord hates divorce because he loves people and divorce is devastating to humankind. Man did not live one day upon this earth apart from the environment of a home. In fact, the very foundation of society is the home. Marriage is that divine union ... read more »

Are We Hooking Our Kids on Drugs?

What's going on in this country? Thousands and thousands of our youngest children are now being sedated. Parents can't control them. They can't motivate them. They don't understand them. They can't cope with them. They are frustrated, and at their wits' end as to what to do. And so what do they do? All too frequently, at the behest of ... read more »

Modern Psychology and the Bible

For the past several decades, "psychology" has been a popular theme in American society. Countless students become "psychology majors" as they matriculate through school. The Yellow Pages of the phone book are filled with listings for psychologists and psychiatrists. For many, it is the "in" thing to have a therapist. Exactly what is "psychology," and how does this area of ... read more »

Three Views of Self

In one of his compositions, poet John Donne had this phrase: "No man is an island." Whatever the expression meant to him, it contains a general truth. None of us lives an isolated existence. While we see ourselves in a certain light, others may view us quite differently. Our Creator assesses us with absolute accuracy! How We See Ourselves One's ... read more »