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Has the Messiah of the Old Testament Come?

Harold Kushner is "Rabbi" Laureate of Temple Israel in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. In a previous article, we addressed Mr. Kushner's claim that: "Today, few people still look for a person, called the Messiah." (See: Harold Kushner's Messiah ) The well-known celebrity went on to suggest that in a by-gone era, when people were being oppressed by unjust rulers, ... read more »

A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Dickens' famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities, closes with the oft-cited words, "It is a far, far better thing that I do ..." With apologies to the renowned author, we wish to reflect upon two cities of the ancient world - one of which did "far, far better" than the other in its response to the gospel of ... read more »

The Controversy Rages: Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”

The American public has awaited eagerly the debut of Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ" ("passion" = "suffering"). And as the time of its release approaches, controversy rages in the religious community - fanned mightily by the largely left-leaning media. Some news outlets have suggested that the actor's feature production is "troubling," perhaps even "anti-Semitic." The popular star, ... read more »

MASADA: The Final and Futile Stand

Over the past several decades numerous articles, books, and even a television mini-series have drawn considerable attention back to the ancient Jewish/Roman conflict that culminated at Masada (just west of Israel's Dead Sea) in A.D. 73. Unfortunately not all presentations have been accurate, thus leading to a distorted perception of that startling historical episode. The truth of the matter is ... read more »

The Importance of Messianic Genealogy

There is no question but that the Old Testament contains ample prophetic testimony regarding the coming, and the identification of, the Messiah. Some scholars have argued there are more than 300 of these prophecies. Among these are a number that foretell the genealogical lineage of Jesus, as such pertained to David, Israel's greatest king (cf. 2 Samuel 7:12-13; Psalm 89:3-4; ... read more »

The Twisted Logic of Liberalism

It strikes me as odd.Why would one construct an argument, grounded in an appeal to biblical authority (e.g., precedent), in an attempt to prove that divine authority is not needed for one's religious practice? And yet this is precisely what some are attempting to do these days.The argument runs something like this. The Jews of the first century engaged in ... read more »

Why Did Paul Say, “Let God Be True...”?

"What does the passage mean, 'let God be found true, but every man a liar' (Romans 3:4)?" In the first two chapters of his letter to the Roman saints, Paul has discussed the spiritual plight of both the Gentiles (chapter 1), and the Jews (chapter 2). Both segments of humanity, he argued, had serious spiritual problems, and were accountable to ... read more »

What Happened to the Ten “Lost” Tribes?

During the days of Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, the kingdom of Israel split. The northern section, under the rebellious Jeroboam, retained the name "Israel," while the southern kingdom became known as "Judah." The northern faction, with its capital at Samaria, lasted about 210 years. It fell to the Assyrians in 722/21 B.C. According to Assyrian records, 27,290 Hebrews were ... read more »

Are Some Sins “Excused”?

"In his letter to the Christians in Rome, Paul describes a certain level of human activity as 'inexcusable' (Rom. 1:20). Does this imply that some conduct, even that which is bad, is 'excusable'?" No, that would be an erroneous conclusion to draw from the terminology of the passage cited above. All sin - any sin - is a transgression of ... read more »

What About the Great Tribulation of Matthew 24:21?

"If Matthew 24:5-33 refers to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, as some contend, how does one explain verse 21 - that this was the worst calamity in history?" Many scholars have argued the case that the earlier portion of Matthew 24 has to do with the impending fall of Jerusalem (accomplished in A.D. 70 when invaded by the ... read more »