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The Saga of Ancient Jericho

After having spent forty hard years in the wilderness of Sinai, the children of Israel were stationed on the eastern bank of the Jordan River, just north of the Dead Sea. The challenge was now before them; they were to take the land of Canaan which Jehovah had promised to Abraham five centuries earlier. The first obstacle in Israel's path ... read more »

Joshua 6:2,16 – The Gift of Jericho

The first city that lay in the path of the Israelites as they initiated the conquest of Canaan was Jericho. Consider God's promise. "And Jehovah said unto Joshua, 'See, I have given into your hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valor'" (Josh. 6:2). Again, later, the text says: "Joshua said unto the people, 'Shout; for ... read more »

Myth or History: Did Jericho’s Walls Come Down?

For some years now, a battle has raged among biblical scholars over whether the Old Testament record of the conquest of Canaan is accurate. In this article, we examine two cases that have been points of controversy. Jericho Discovered When did Joshua conquer Jericho? Using strict Bible chronology, there seems to be a simple answer. When the building of Solomon's ... read more »

Does the Bible Contain Contradictions?

"I cannot have confidence in the Bible, for it is a book filled with contradictions." I could not estimate how many times I have heard this charge against the Holy Scriptures over the past several decades. One thing, however, has been consistent about the allegation - the critic rarely can name even one alleged contradiction that the Bible is supposed ... read more »

Must We Do Something To Receive the Free Gift of Salvation?

"Paul says that we are 'freely' justified (Rom. 3:24), and later he describes salvation as a 'free gift' (Rom. 6:23). Why do some claim that one must 'do' something, such as be baptized, in order to be saved?" There are several factors to be considered in responding to this excellent question. Reflect upon the following: Salvation is wonderfully described in ... read more »

Ezekiel 12:13 — The Blind Ruler

Even though he was a captive in Babylon, the prophet Ezekiel uttered oracles regarding his brethren who were as yet in the land of Canaan. One of his prophecies had to do with Zedekiah, who was serving as the "prince in Jerusalem" (Ezekiel 12:10). The prophet announced that the "rebellious house" of Israel, along with the haughty ruler, would be ... read more »

2 Kings 2:23-25 – Elisha and the Lads of Bethel

Idolatry was rampant in Israel during the days of the prophet Elisha, and paganism influenced young and old alike. On one occasion the great prophet was traveling from Jericho towards Bethel when some "little children" (KJV), or "young lads" (ASV), accosted him and cried: "Go up, you baldhead. Go up, you baldhead," whereupon Elisha cursed them in the name of ... read more »

A New Torah: “Tree of Death”

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, which purportedly represents some 1.5 million "conservative Jews" in the U.S., issued a new edition of the "Torah." The term "Torah" has an elastic meaning in modern Judaism. In its narrowest sense, it alludes to the first five books of the Old Testament. In a broader sense, it connotes "the total content of God's ... read more »

What Was the Book of Jashar?

"The 'book of Jashar' is mentioned in the Old Testament. Can you explain what this book was?" The "book of Jashar" (ASV) is referenced twice in the literature of the Old Testament; in Joshua 10:13 and in 2 Samuel 1:18. We will consider each of these episodes and its relationship to this ancient document. (1) After Joshua, the successor of ... read more »

Does the Bible Sanction Rahab’s Lying?

Many are confused regarding the story of Rahab who, although she lied when she hid Israel's spies, was described as being "justified" (James 2:25; cf. Hebrews 11:31). How does one harmonize this with biblical ethics? The narrative regarding the Canaanite, whose name was Rahab, in no way sanctions lying. There are several factors that must be taken into account in ... read more »