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What Is Bible “Inspiration”?

"What do Bible scholars mean when they speak of the 'inspiration' of the Scriptures?" The Bible makes a claim that most books do not. It claims to be from God. Unlike the few that make the claim, the Bible's claim is true. This is the concept called "inspiration." There are several things involved in considering the "inspiration of the Bible." ... read more »

The Holy Scriptures: Verbally Inspired

In logic, there is a principle called the Law of the Excluded Middle. Simply stated, it is this: a thing must either be, or not be, the case. A line is either straight, or it is not. There is no middle position. Applied to the Bible, one therefore might declare: The Scriptures are either inspired of God, or they are ... read more »

Acts 1:16 – Scripture Inspiration

After Christ ascended back to heaven (Acts 1:9-11), the eleven apostles returned to Jerusalem to await the fulfillment of the Lord's promise concerning the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (cf. Lk. 24:49; Acts 1:8). Others convened as well, and during these days, Peter stood up and said: "Brethren, it was needful that the scripture should be fulfilled, which the Holy ... read more »

Is the Apocrypha Inspired of God?

In the ever urgent work of winning souls for Christ, the Christian occasionally will encounter members of the Roman Catholic Church who note, with perhaps some degree of pride, that their version of the Bible contains more books than standard translations used by non-Catholics. More often than not, the average Christian is at a loss to explain why there are ... read more »

Did Peter’s Weakness Negate His Inspiration?

"If the apostles of Christ were inspired of God, and therefore could not make mistakes, why did Paul 'resist' Peter to his face (Gal. 2:11)?" No responsible Bible student contends that the apostles were divinely restrained from making personal mistakes. Certainly Peter sinned when he denied the Lord. Moreover, the Galatian text, referenced above, indicates that Peter acted the part ... read more »

Was Paul Uncertain About His “Inspiration”?

"As Paul concluded a discussion of marriage problems (real or potential), in 1 Corinthians 7, he declared: ' . . .and I think that I also have the Spirit of God' (v. 40).Does 'Spirit' here refer to a 'disposition' that is God-like, or is this a reference to the 'Holy Spirit'?If this is a reference to the Holy Spirit, what ... read more »

Are the Scriptures “Verbally” Inspired of God?

"A Bible class teacher recently made the statement that the Scriptures possess 'plenary' inspiration, but that it may not be claimed that the sacred volume is 'verbally' inspired of God. Can you clarify the difference in these terms?" We must respectfully (though firmly) disagree with the teacher cited. "Plenary" inspiration and "verbal" inspiration cannot be separated. The term "plenary" simply ... read more »

A Subtle Argument for Bible Inspiration

The Bible - is it God's word, or is it a mere human production? This is a question of supreme importance. For many years this writer has made a special study of the various lines of evidence that substantiate the Bible's claim of being a book given by God. There are numerous areas one may explore in confirming such an ... read more »

2 Samuel 23:2 — Verbal Inspiration

Scholars frequently argue about the "degree" of inspiration characteristic of the Bible. Some, of liberal persuasion, suggest that only the "thought" of Scripture - a sort of mystical essence - is inspired. It would be interesting to hear someone explain how this "essence" is conveyed to man! The position of the Bible itself, however, is this. The very words of ... read more »

Brevity – A Confirming Evidence of Bible Inspiration

It is almost in the genetic nature of biographers and popular journalists to string together miles of words in the depiction of significant historical events. This particularly is true when tragedy is involved. The word flow is extrapolated even more when brutal conduct is under consideration. Man's inhumanity to his fellows has stained millions of pages of literature - both ... read more »