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In our book, The Bible and Mental Health, we called attention to how spiritually and morally bankrupt so-called "modern psychology" is. Thousands are mesmerized by it, but it's mostly junk-largely an anti-God ideology that attempts, in a futile fashion, to deal with emotional problems on the basis of humanistic presuppositions. Here's an example of what I mean. In July of ... read more »

Alfred Edersheim on Ancient Society

Alfred Edersheim (1825-89) was born in Vienna, Austria to Hebrew parents and he was reared in the Jewish faith. He entered the University of Vienna when he was sixteen, but, as a result of his father's ill health, young Alfred was presently forced to leave that institution. Not long thereafter, he fell under the influence of a Presbyterian minister named ... read more »

Divorce and the Guilty Party

Every now and then it pops up again. I speak of the idea that when a marriage has been dissolved by a biblically sanctioned divorce (i.e., because of fornication - Mt. 19:9) the guilty person has as much right to remarry as the innocent victim. After all, it is alleged, if the innocent party is released from the guilty culprit, ... read more »

Television and Your Children

The most precious possession that a youngster has is his mind. The mind (sometimes designated as the "heart" in biblical jargon) is that element of the human being out of which "choices" emanate, and thus that which controls the direction of one's life. Little wonder, then, that Solomon cautioned, "Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are ... read more »

Foundational Truths Regarding Marriage

Marriage is a time-honored institution that has blessed humanity more than most realize. In spite of its beneficence, it has been disrespected, even assaulted, for many centuries. In this brief essay, we wish to discuss five foundational truths that pertain to the marriage arrangement. Divine Origin In logic there is a principle known as the Law of the Excluded Middle. ... read more »

The Harshness of the Old Testament Era

There are circumstances in the Old Testament that many find difficult to understand. Hostile critics impulsively adopt the "attack" mode, never taking the time to seriously analyze "problem" episodes. Christian people frequently puzzle silently over such matters, not wishing to appear irreverent, but nonetheless troubled inwardly. What shall be said of those cases of "brutality" that seem to be woven ... read more »

Questions from the Book of Romans

"Please explain the phrase 'law of sin' in Romans 7:25. Also, in what sense were the Gentiles under a 'law written in their hearts' during the time of the Mosaic era (Rom. 2:15)?" The Law of Sin It appears that the phrase "law of sin" is a figurative expression that describes the continuing urges of the flesh that war against ... read more »

An Analysis of the “Salvation Army”

Street corner bands, trucks collecting repairable items, red kettles, ringing bells at Christmas time, and soup lines are well-known marks of the internationally publicized Salvation Army. This is an organization that is hailed as a paragon of virtue by most religious people. The Salvation Army is widely acclaimed for its charitable thrust. It operates hostels for homeless men and women, ... read more »

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Persecution

Yes, the list of what is "American" is growing, and persecution is now in the inventory. What is persecution? "Persecution is the suffering or pressure, mental, moral, or physical, which authorities, individuals, or crowds inflict on others, especially for opinions or beliefs, with a view to their subjection by recantation, silencing, or as a last resort, execution" (G. W. Bromiley. ... read more »

Don’t Mess with the Target

The Greek word for "sin" is hamartia (a noun), found 173 times in the New Testament. Its verbal counterpart, hamartano, occurs forty-three times. An adjective, hamartolos (sinful), is found some forty-seven times in the inspired record. Obviously, this word-family is an important one. These terms have an interesting history in classical Greek. Herodotus, the Greek historian, speaks of a hunter ... read more »