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But Be of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome the World

Jesus said, "In this world you will have tribulation ..." (John 16:33). Most of us, though, have positive expectations for the future. But what if life is not as we had hoped it would be? How do we manage the unexpected, and the not-so-desirable turn of events? We cannot know the future, but we certainly know this - we will ... read more »

I’m a Good Christian. So Why Am I Sick and Poor?

A gentleman who professed an identification with the Lord, became quite disenchanted with Christianity. When an interested friend inquired as to the nature of his problem, he replied: "According to the Bible, God promised that those who follow him will be blessed with health and prosperity. As I observe Christian people, I see vast numbers who are sick and poor. ... read more »

Titus 2:14; 1:16 & Revelation 3:5-16 – Three Types of “Good Works”

No informed person will deny that the practice of "good works" is an obligation of the child of God. Such "works" are an expression of one's commitment to his Creator. The New Testament depicts three attitudes/practices relative to "good works." This makes for a fascinating study. First, Paul contends that one of the purposes of Jesus' death was that he ... read more »

Did Jesus Repudiate His Divine Nature?

"Did Jesus imply that he is not 'God,' in his statement to the young ruler in Mark 10:18?" Here is the disputed passage in full. "And as he [Christ] was going forth into the way, there ran one to him, and kneeled to him, and asked him, Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life? And ... read more »

Please Explain 1 Peter 3:21

Please explain 1 Peter 3:21, especially the phrase which says that "baptism" is the "answer of a good conscience." Would not this teach that a person has a good conscience before he is baptized? Would not this indicate then that salvation precedes baptism? 1 Peter 3:21 says: . . . which also after a true likeness doth now save you, ... read more »

Will God Bring All Sins into Remembrance?

How do you harmonize Hebrews 8:12, which says that God will remember sins no more, with Ecclesiastes 12:14, which states that God will bring every evil work into judgment? Ecclesiastes 12:14 affirms the following: "For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil." The thrust of this sober ... read more »

Was Jesus “Gruff” and “Explosive”?

A popular writer admired by many-whose noble book, Will God Run? emphasizes the thrilling willingness of God to pardon the penitent sinner-recently penned an article that, in this writer's view, requires some exegetical adjustment. In a piece titled "What Does 'Good' Mean?" the author discussed the case of the "rich young ruler" who approached Christ, addressing the Lord as "Good ... read more »

Textual Studies: Making Sense of the “Sense”

The term "sense" is a common word. In sentence structure, it has to do with the manner in which a term is employed within a given context. The term "sense" itself illustrates the importance of the concept of which we speak. Sense, for example, may refer to the exercise of wisdom, as in the statement, "He is known for his ... read more »

Are You an Evangelist?

The Great CommissionA former tax-collector, a political activist, and a few fisherman - eleven common Hebrew men. Having no organization and no resources but their faith in the promises of Jesus Christ, these first-century citizens of Palestine were charged by our Lord to do the impossible - go evangelize the world. What an awesome task - what an awesome responsibility! ... read more »

Misdirected Benevolence

Poverty in the biblical world was commonplace; it was so acute that we scarcely can appreciate it from our modern, American vantage point. While there are different economic levels among Christians, no one with whom I am acquainted in the church is "poor" in the biblical sense (cf. Mark 12:41-44). Furthermore, the Scriptures nowhere demand the Communistic concept that Christians ... read more »