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Straight Talk About Homosexuality

The Almighty does not discriminate. All sin is horrible, as demonstrated by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Penitents are saved because their sins are forgiven through the gospel, but others will die lost rebels. Although God proved his love by giving his Son to die for the world, many choose to stay in their sins, doing "their ... read more »

New Video Promotes Homosexual Agenda

With its dying gasps, the current executive administration-perhaps the most degenerate in American history-is accommodating a final assault upon the traditional (biblically-based) family unit in an attempt to facilitate the homosexual agenda. In mid-December, two San Francisco families were invited to the White House to screen a new video titled "That's a Family." The presentation is aimed at softening the ... read more »

The Progressively Aggressive “Gay” Movement

Former Congressman Bill Dannemeyer will not win any popularity contests in San Francisco. His book, Shadow in the Land - Homosexuality in America, has been fiercely attacked by the "Gay" constituency. In this explosive volume, Dannemeyer charges that our nation "is faced with the gravest epidemic in modern times," namely AIDS, and that the homosexual community (characterized by an extreme ... read more »

The Plague of Perversion

One of the most potentially devastating movements to evolve from the environment of human degeneracy in recent decades is the so-called "Gay Movement." The homosexual "lifestyle," with considerable support from the entertainment industry, and significant publicity from the news media, is a growing phenomenon. No longer content to practice their perversion behind closed doors, homosexuals have moved into the mainstream ... read more »

The Sexual Orientation Controversy

Ever since the 1970s, most psychotherapists have been telling the American public that homosexuality is a genetic condition, like being right-handed or left-handed. According to these "experts," sexual orientation is not something one can change. Some of the major studies reflecting these opinions have been done, of course, by the homosexuals themselves. Accordingly, the standard line of psycho-dribble is that ... read more »

Are You Homophobic?

"We need to be tolerant of other people, especially those of a different sexual orientation," so goes the common saying. The homosexual agenda is everywhere. Those who preach "tolerance" are not tolerant of you, if you disagree with them. That's what Elliot Chambers learned when he wore a sweatshirt to Woodbury High with the words, "Straight Pride." The next day, ... read more »

Patricia Ireland on the Teaching of Jesus

For more than a decade, Patricia Ireland has been one of radical feminism's most vocal leaders. From 1991-2001 she led the National Organization for Women (NOW). In addition to her well-known struggle for the "right" of women to extinguish the lives of their unborn children, Ireland has been a vigilant defender of various issues pertaining to the homosexual agenda. As ... read more »

Lipscomb University and the Christian Scholars Conference

The Christian Scholars Conference (CSC) convened in June, 2008 on the campus of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee (formerly known as David Lipscomb University). With support from several sister schools, e.g., Pepperdine University, Abilene Christian University, Oklahoma Christian University, and Harding University, it was the twenty-eighth annual gathering of some of the most radically liberal, self-designated "scholars" on the planet. ... read more »

The Death of Matthew Shepard

The tragic case of Matthew Shepard has been prominent in the news of late. Sheperd was a twenty-one-year-old student at the University of Wyoming. He openly professed homosexuality. Apparently, he was lured from a bar and taken to a remote place; there he was tied to a fence, pistol-whipped, and left exposed in the cold. Eventually, he died. The news ... read more »

Romans 1:27 — The Consequences of Perversion

In Romans, chapter 1, Paul describes the debauchery that was characteristic of the ancient pagan world. A common vice in that day, as in our own time, was that of homosexuality. The apostle writes: "For this cause God gave them up unto vile passions: for their women changed the natural use into that which is against nature: and likewise also ... read more »