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The Uniqueness of the Biblical Creation Record

Dr. George A. Barton served as a professor of Semitic languages at the University of Pennsylvania. At one time he also was director of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. He was recognized as an expert in biblical archaeology. In his massive volume, Archaeology And The Bible, first published in 1916, professor Barton makes the following statement: "[T]here ... read more »

Our Eternal Abode

It should be no surprise that the preoccupation with materialism that is characteristic of humanity has spilled over into religion. Some are so enamored with earth and its carnality, they long to remain here eternally. It is a cardinal doctrine of the Watch Tower Society ("Jehovah's Witnesses") that only 144,000 will go to heaven, while the remainder of the righteous ... read more »

The Silence of the Scriptures: Permissive or Prohibitive?

One of the controversies that has raged in the world of "Christendom" for centuries is the matter of whether or not the "silence" of the Scriptures must be respected or ignored. Some allege that whatever is not expressly forbidden is allowed in religious practice; others contend that anything not authorized is not permitted. The dispute surfaced early in the post-apostolic ... read more »

Are Genesis and Evolution Compatible?

In his book, The Source, John Clayton, promoter of the "Does God Exist?" program, wrote: "Ever since the first ideas about evolution appeared around 900 B.C., men have viewed the subject as an adamantly opposed concept to the concept of a supreme being. . . If we look carefully at the issues about which we are talking, however, we can ... read more »

Did You Vote?

The nation's eyes and ears have been tuned in to the state of Florida in recent days. The direction of our nation's leadership is in question, and Americans are deeply divided. There are difficult problems to be faced by our nation: abortion, taxation, family values, homosexual legitimacy, care for seniors, free markets, moral and cultural decay, etc. These problems, and ... read more »

The Record Buried in Coal

Buried within the bosom of the earth are billions of tons of "bottled sunshine"-more commonly known as coal. How did this material come to be there? And how much time was involved in its deposition? There are two general theories regarding the formation of coal. First, there is the uniformitarian view, which asserts that coal is the result of "the ... read more »

The Folly of Following Polls

We have become a nation driven by polls. Polls are taken to determine practically everything-from what sort of food Americans prefer, to whether or not the president should be impeached. And, quite frankly, many are influenced by what the polls allegedly reveal. Unfortunately, some are so void of personal independence (spell that "backbone"), and bereft of moral integrity, that they ... read more »

The Tragedy of Racism

No one with a modicum of awareness will deny that racism-the inclination to judge a person solely on the basis of his skin pigmentation or ethnic background-has been a human problem for centuries. Paul addressed this problem before the haughty Greeks in Athens; there he affirmed that: "God made of [out of] one [masculine - one man, an allusion to ... read more »

Do the Scriptures Authorize Multiple Cups?

"Why do so many churches use a plurality of 'cups' in administering the Lord's supper, when the Scriptures appear to authorize just one, 'a cup'?" There are some Christians who firmly believe that the use of more than one container, in the observing of the communion supper, is a violation of divine law. Sincere though these folks are, their approach ... read more »

He Forsook the Treasures of Egypt

The name of Moses adorns many pages of the sacred Scriptures. The great prophet of God is mentioned more than 750 times in the Old Testament, and approximately eighty times in the New Testament; he is the predominate figure in the history of the nation of Israel. As both Testaments indicate, Moses grew up in the courts of Egyptian royalty ... read more »