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Did the Nile River Really Turn to Blood?

"A college professor says that the Bible contains much that is 'myth.' An example given is when the Bible says that the Nile River was turned into blood (Exodus 7:14-25). It is claimed that this was merely a case of red-colored 'silt' that churned into the water of the Nile during the flooding season of that river. How might the ... read more »

The Canaanite Woman: A Conflict between Matthew and Mark?

"Do the two accounts of the woman whose daughter was sick (Mt. 15:21-28; Mk. 7:24-30) refer to the same incident? If so, why is the lady called 'a Canaanite woman' in Matthew's account, but she is referred to as 'a Greek, a Syrophoenician' in Mark's record?" There is no conflict between the accounts. The explanation has to do with the ... read more »

A New Torah: “Tree of Death”

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, which purportedly represents some 1.5 million "conservative Jews" in the U.S., issued a new edition of the "Torah." The term "Torah" has an elastic meaning in modern Judaism. In its narrowest sense, it alludes to the first five books of the Old Testament. In a broader sense, it connotes "the total content of God's ... read more »

The English Standard Version Study Bible – A Review

Shortly after its initial appearance, we published an article reviewing The English Standard Version (2001, Crossway Bibles). In that composition we cataloged what we perceived to be some of the strengths and weaknesses of this translation of the Bible. Generally, I commended the ESV, though I remain of the persuasion that the American Standard Version (1901) is still the best ... read more »

What Was the Nature of Cain’s Sin?

We were discussing Cain's sacrifice in Genesis 4 in class recently, and some suggested that Cain's "vegetable" offering was what God wanted, but Cain just did not give his "best." My answer was that he and Abel should have offered the same thing (i.e., an animal sacrifice); however, I cannot prove that to be so. Though there is no explicit ... read more »

The Ravaging of the Earth

There is considerable concern these days about the accelerating destruction of earth's natural resources. Water and air are being polluted, lush forests are dwindling, and an increasing level of wildlife is nearing extinction. Conservationists, legislators, and educators are vitally interested in these matters. Perhaps some understanding of the causes of these problems would contribute toward determining the remedy needed for ... read more »

The True Meaning of Grace

The concept of God's "grace" is thrilling beyond words. It shines its brightest, however, against the seemingly dark backdrop of another aspect of our Creator's nature - that of sacred wrath. The Wrath of God The most common Greek word for "wrath" is orge. The term occurs 36 times in the New Testament (cf. Rom. 1:18; 2:5). Another expression denoting ... read more »

Tutoring in the Shadow of Darwin

John N. Clayton is the editor of a bi-monthly magazine titled Does God Exist? Last year, Mr. Clayton, a retired high school teacher in South Bend, Indiana, awarded two scholarships as a result of an essay contest he sponsored via his journal. Applicants were required to compose an essay on "how science supports belief in God and how they plan ... read more »

Was the Siege at Jerusalem in A.D. 70 the Worst in World History?

Please explain Matthew 24:21: "[F]or then shall be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, nor ever shall be. Premillennialists claim that this prophecy cannot refer to the destruction of Jerusalem, since there have been "tribulations" much greater than those suffered in Jerusalem during the Roman invasion (A.D. 70). For example, ... read more »

The Parting of the Red Sea: Miracle or Natural Event?

It is a well-known fact that religious modernists read the Bible through the rose-colored lenses of their own naturalistic presuppositions. Take, for example, the Old Testament narrative regarding Israel's passage through the Red Sea. "And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and Jehovah caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all the night, and ... read more »