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Modern Psychology and the Bible

For the past several decades, "psychology" has been a popular theme in American society. Countless students become "psychology majors" as they matriculate through school. The Yellow Pages of the phone book are filled with listings for psychologists and psychiatrists. For many, it is the "in" thing to have a therapist. Exactly what is "psychology," and how does this area of ... read more »

The Continuing Search for Man’s “Fossil” Ancestor

They frantically search for old bones to see who can "scoop" the other. Each of them wants to make a claim to fame for being the one who discovered the oldest "ancestor" of man. And really, they don't care much as to how they achieve the recognition. They are willing to distort the evidence significantly to "get ahead" in the ... read more »

The Christian and “Higher Education”

I receive a tremendous amount of mail soliciting my advice on a variety of issues. A recent letter was from a Christian young man who has completed a Master's program and is proceeding towards a Ph.D. He currently is teaching English literature in a high school. One of his requirements is to teach a specific book that has material dealing ... read more »

Marriage: As Designed by God

The institution of marriage involves a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. Man and woman, by mutual consent, enter the arrangement. But the procedure, in order to be valid, must be consistent with divine law. The Origin of Marriage According to anthropologists, there is no society wherein marriage does not exist in some format (Montague, p. 240). The ... read more »

Sexual Promiscuity — A National Plague

After a weary wandering for forty long years, the Hebrew people were preparing to enter Canaan. They encountered pagan forces east of the Jordan river, but resolutely defeated them - because the Lord was with his people. When the heathen armies saw that they were unable to resist the power of Jehovah, they decided to pursue another course of action. ... read more »

Romans 1:20 – The Testimony of Creation

In Romans 1, Paul delivers a blistering indictment against the ancient pagan world. The heathen society of that day had drifted far from God. The darkness of idolatry had smothered out a true view of Deity. No excuse could justify such flagrant rebellion, and for the following reason. "For the invisible things of Him [God] since the creation of the ... read more »

The Battle at Baylor University

Baylor University in Waco, Texas, with its more than thirteen thousand students, is the largest educational institution in the world affiliated with the Baptist Church. This major center of academic learning professes a commitment to "excellence in Christian higher education." The university promotes itself as an organism "dedicated to Christian principles." The school's motto is Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana (For ... read more »

Who Are the “Enemies of Truth”?

Richard Dawkins is a professor of zoology at Oxford University. He describes himself as "a fairly militant atheist, with a fair degree of active hostility toward religion" (Bass, p. 86). According to Dawkins, "religion is very largely an enemy of truth" (Bass, p. 87). He characterizes the idea that man was created by God as "blasphemy," and insists that "we ... read more »

Is the Language of Genesis 1 Merely Metaphorical?

Hugh Ross is affiliated with an organization in southern California called Reasons to Believe. While he professes to be a defender of the Genesis record, he actually is one of the nation's foremost compromisers with reference to the scriptural doctrine of creation. Ross is totally committed to attempting a harmony between Genesis 1 and evolutionary chronology, i.e., the notion the ... read more »

Genesis 1:1-2 – The Gap Theory

One of the theories which attempts to harmonize the Bible with evolutionary chronology (i.e., the concept that the earth is billions of years old) is known as the Gap Theory. This view, which is barely more than 150 years old, argues that there exists a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, during which there lived successive generations of plants, animals, ... read more »