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Alexander Campbell and Christ’s Church

It is a tiresome thing to have to respond, again and again, to the same misguided (and frequently dishonest) charges. But one is compelled, from time to time, to do so. A recent article in Calvary Contender (June 15, 1999), a Baptist publication, chastises the magazine, Christianity Today, for accepting an ad from Harding University (Searcy, AR). The piece charges ... read more »

Patricia Ireland on the Teaching of Jesus

For more than a decade, Patricia Ireland has been one of radical feminism's most vocal leaders. From 1991-2001 she led the National Organization for Women (NOW). In addition to her well-known struggle for the "right" of women to extinguish the lives of their unborn children, Ireland has been a vigilant defender of various issues pertaining to the homosexual agenda. As ... read more »

Hummingbird Metabolism – Amazing Design

Over the years I have filed away hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles pertaining to biblical topics. Occasionally I will stumble across one of these that almost had escaped my memory. One such clipping appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association more than two decades ago. It is worthy of rehearsal even now. The title of the article ... read more »

Command or Culture – Discerning the Difference

In 1967 the United Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) adopted a new confession of faith. Concerning the nature of the Bible the following statement was made: "The Scriptures, given under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are nevertheless the words of men, conditioned by the language, thought forms, and literary fashions of the place and times at which they were written. They ... read more »

Scopes 2005: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

The nation's conglomerate of Darwinian disciples is currently in a state of panic. They are hanging in suspense, frozen in horror at the prospect that the youth of the nation might be exposed, via the public school system, to an idea that is different from that advanced by Charles Darwin, a mid-19th century naturalist from Great Britain. It is the ... read more »

Training Children for Financial Responsibility

Our children are born into a financial world of income, taxes, loans, creditors, investments-and even church contributions. Sadly, few are prepared to take the challenges of managing their finances at all, much less according to biblical principles. Note some staggering statistics: Eighty-five per cent of divorced couples indicate financial problems were a contributing factor to the erosion of the marriage. ... read more »

Do the Ages of the Earth and Mankind Really Matter?

The impact of Charles Darwin's theory of organic evolution has made tremendous inroads into the thinking of many people who ostensibly identify themselves as Christians. What is true of the community of "Christendom" is no less true of the churches of Christ. One area of considerable compromise is in the realm of evolutionary chronology. Evolutionary scholars are adamant about the ... read more »

The Erosion of Marriage

According to a 2004 census, some 5,080,000 American couples are living together without the benefit of marriage. Several decades ago this practice was relatively rare and considered a sexual aberration; today it scarcely raises an eyebrow. Even in religious circles the walls of sexual restraint have crumbled. For example, according to a recent article in the New York Times, a ... read more »

The Plague of Perversion

One of the most potentially devastating movements to evolve from the environment of human degeneracy in recent decades is the so-called "Gay Movement." The homosexual "lifestyle," with considerable support from the entertainment industry, and significant publicity from the news media, is a growing phenomenon. No longer content to practice their perversion behind closed doors, homosexuals have moved into the mainstream ... read more »

Why People Quit Church

Church leaders have long been interested in why so many drift away from faithful service to the Lord. Jesus summarized the matter in his parable of the sower. The causes he listed are: the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of wealth, distracted desires for worldly things, and carnal pleasure (Matthew 13:22; Mark 4:18; Luke 8:14). This list could be ... read more »