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Is Fasting for Christians Today?

What does the Bible teach about fasting? Is it for Christians today? Fasting, in the biblical sense, is the abstaining from food and drink for a spiritual reason. In the Old Testament era, the Jews fasted frequently, though there was only one fast prescribed by the law. Once each year, on the Day of Atonement, the Hebrews were to "afflict" ... read more »

Were Old Testament Sexual Regulations Unreasonable?

"In the preparation for receiving the Law from Mt. Sinai, Moses commanded all married Israelites to abstain from sexual relations for three days (Exodus 19:15)?Why was that?Could not some interpret this as an unhealthy attitude toward sex?" Some critics, ever anxious to involve the Scriptures in difficulty, have so charged, but the allegation will not stand under careful scrutiny. The ... read more »

Walking Through the Book of Ephesians

The Greek verb peripateo, rendered "walk" in the English Bible, is found 96 times in the New Testament. Eight of these are in Ephesians. The word is composed of two roots, peri (around), and pateo (walk). Literally, to "walk around." Figuratively, it denotes the sphere of one's existence-his manner of life. It can be used negatively (for evil), or positively ... read more »

An Accessory to Adultery

What is an "accessory"? In legal jargon, the term denotes "a person who, though not present, abets or assists in the commission of an offence." There are three ways in which one can be an "accessory." He may be an accessory "before the fact," "to the fact," or "after the fact," and in each instance be held responsible for a ... read more »

A Lesson from the Leech

There are some things that never say, "That's enough." Agur, the son of Jakeh (see Prov. 30:1), sets before our minds this idea of "insatiable things." The leech has two daughters: give and give. Three things are never satisfied; four never say, "Enough" - Sheol, the barren womb, the land never satisfied with water, and the fire that never says, ... read more »

What Is the Meaning of “Shortly Come to Pass”?

"What is the meaning of the expression 'shortly come to pass,' found in Revelation 1:1?" The final book of the New Testament begins in this fashion. "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show unto his servants, even the things which must shortly come to pass?" (Rev. 1:1a). The phrase, "must shortly come to pass," translates the ... read more »

Church Discipline – A Tragic Neglect

It is difficult to imagine what it would be like to live in a society where citizens could flaunt the rules and absolutely no consequences would follow-no fines, no imprisonment, etc. Can you conceive of a home environment where the children are allowed to do whatever they please with utterly no discipline imposed? Total chaos would reign in either of ... read more »

How to Read the Book: Nine Rules for Effective Bible Reading

Who needs to read the Bible? Kings were commanded to read the Scriptures all the days of their lives (Deuteronomy 17:19). The Scriptures have been read aloud for the benefit of various groups of people (Exodus 24:7; Deuteronomy 31:9-13; Joshua 8:34-35; Nehemiah 8:1-3, 8, 18; Luke 4:16-21; Acts 15:21; Colossians 4:16). God's word needs to be taught to families (Deuteronomy ... read more »

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Persecution

Yes, the list of what is "American" is growing, and persecution is now in the inventory. What is persecution? "Persecution is the suffering or pressure, mental, moral, or physical, which authorities, individuals, or crowds inflict on others, especially for opinions or beliefs, with a view to their subjection by recantation, silencing, or as a last resort, execution" (G. W. Bromiley. ... read more »

The Age of Insensitivity

The human soul (mind, conscience) is a sensitive thing. The tender heart can be touched, and wonderful results will be produced. On the other hand, the human spirit can be woefully mistreated and devastating attitudes thus develop. When Paul wrote to the Ephesians, he warned them of that manner of life so characteristic of pagans in his day. He described ... read more »