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Do the Ages of the Earth and Mankind Really Matter?

The impact of Charles Darwin's theory of organic evolution has made tremendous inroads into the thinking of many people who ostensibly identify themselves as Christians. What is true of the community of "Christendom" is no less true of the churches of Christ. One area of considerable compromise is in the realm of evolutionary chronology. Evolutionary scholars are adamant about the ... read more »

Genesis 1 and Dinosaurs

Did dinosaurs and men live upon the ancient earth together? Creationists answer this question affirmatively, based upon the clear testimony of the Scriptures-and no solid evidence to the contrary. The disciples of Darwin argue negatively, contending that dinosaurs faded from the "geologic column" some sixty-five million years before humankind evolved from a lower form of life. Unfortunately, many within the ... read more »

Was Christ Originally “Created” by God?

I have a question that was brought to my attention by some people who came to my door. They said that Revelation 3:14 proves that Jesus was the first one to be created. Can you please explain this chapter and verse to me? The people who came to your door almost certainly were those who refer to themselves as "Jehovah's ... read more »

What Was that “Light” before the Sun (Genesis 1:3)?

"In Genesis 1:3, the Old Testament records that God said: 'Let there be light.'Since the sun, moon, and stars were not made until the fourth day (1:14-16), what was the nature of the 'light' mentioned in verse 3?" The Bible student must deduce that the "light" of Genesis 1:3 was not that which subsequently (three days later) emanated from the ... read more »

Does Genesis 2 Allow for Vast Ages of Time?

After that initial surgery, as Adam first saw his bride, he said: "This is now bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh..." (Gen. 2:23).Some writers suggest that the word "now" (Heb. pa'am) is a term which indicates that Adam "had been searching diligently for a long time for a suitable mate" (John T. Willis, Genesis, p. 113). This argument ... read more »

Ellen Goodman and Those Creationists

Some folks have something to say; others have to say something. Ellen Goodman, a syndicated newspaper columnist, is in the latter class. Twice a week she grinds out an insipid composition that generally reveals her minuscule range of knowledge. Her primary dubious talent is the "gift of gab." Such was typically the case when she produced her essay, "Those ever-evolving ... read more »

The Importance of Bible Chronology

The question arises occasionally as to why there is so much chronology in the Bible. The answer was supplied by Edwin Thiele, one of the most renowned biblical chronologists of modern times. "Chronology is important. Without chronology it is not possible to understand history, for chronology is the backbone of history. We know that God regards chronology as important, for ... read more »

Deuteronomy 5:3,12 – The Scope of the Sabbath

To whom was the seventh-day sabbath a religious obligation? To the whole of humanity from the beginning of time? Or just to the Israelite nation from the era of Sinai? Modern sabbatarians argue for the former view, but the Scriptures support the latter conclusion. In a preface to the inauguration of the Ten Commandments, Moses declared: "Jehovah made not this ... read more »

Zephaniah 1:7 – The Day of Jehovah Is Near

Zephaniah was God's prophet in the days of the reforming king, Josiah of Judah - 640-609 B.C. (Zephaniah 1:1). The main emphasis of Zephaniah's message was the coming "day of Jehovah," which can be none other than the final judgment day heralded by the second coming of Christ. The prophet begins with the general proposition that the entire earthly creation ... read more »

Psalms 8:8 – The Paths of the Sea

In Psalm 8, David extols the glory of Jehovah, and he marvels that God has been so mindful of man as to place the creation under his dominion. The context stresses man's responsibility over the earth. In discussing some of earth's creatures, of which man is in charge, the writer mentions "whatsoever passes through the paths of the seas" (Psalms ... read more »