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Book Review: Spicq’s Theological Lexicon of the New Testament

No preacher can afford to neglect the acquisition of good study tools to enhance his work. This is especially true of books that help him to understand the original languages in which the Bible was written. An absolute treasure that I discovered a few years back is the three-volume, Theological Lexicon of the New Testament by Ceslas Spicq (1901-1993). Professor ... read more »

The First Woman Apostle — So-called

Junia - The First Woman Apostle is the title of a book by Lutheran scholar Eldon Jay Epp. According to a recent edition of Christian News (10/3/05, pp. 1ff), Epp is Harness Professor of Biblical Literature emeritus and Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences emeritus at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH). He is also recent Visiting Professor of New ... read more »

Looking for God in All the Wrong Places

It's "bottoms up" for believers in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. At least, that's what Peter Winkle, the former "reverend" and restauranteur, is hoping. He applied for a liquor license on December 11, 2002, planning to mix the Bible and Budweiser into some kind of spiritual concoction for the shy-of-church. "The focus," said Winkle, "is on getting the message out....If that ... read more »

Questions About Missions

Many congregations annually designate one Sunday as "Missions Sunday." We have been doing so where I labor for a number of years. This is one expedient way to draw attention to those works outside the local congregation - prayerfully those works that are out-of-sight, but not out-of-mind. It is true, however, that every Sunday is "Missions Sunday" for the people ... read more »

Paul, the Master Preacher

Next to the Lord, the greatest and most effective preacher who ever lived was the apostle Paul. He evangelized three continents and penned two-thirds of the New Testament's epistles-sacred documents which have revolutionized the world. First Thessalonians 2:1-12 gives us one of the clearest, most helpful and inspirational insights to Paul, the peerless preacher, to be found anywhere in his ... read more »

Will Only “Your Bunch” Be Saved?

The question that constitutes the title of this article was submitted recently to this writer. It is an inquiry that is not infrequently posed by those who deny the exclusive nature of the Christian system.Perhaps any person who ponders this question could discern the answer for himself - with just a friendly nudge. Questions for Personal Reflection Do you believe ... read more »

Concerning Dogs and Hogs

In the Sermon on the Mount Christ issued this warning: Do not give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw your pearls before the swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you (Mt. 7:6). Being a boy from the country, and having owned both dogs and hogs, I can value this ancient ... read more »

ACU: Stronghold of “Radical Criticism”

Abilene Christian University has stripped itself of every vestige of its previously clandestine operations of smuggling radical criticism into the brotherhood of Christ. The recent announcement of a forthcoming One-Volume Commentary on the Bible, which typically will "espouse standard critical conclusions (multi-source Pentateuch, multiple Isaiahs, two-source hypothesis for the Synoptic Gospels)," etc., will strike out "in directions that will be ... read more »

The Truth about The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code theory (both the book and a subsequent movie of the same name), has generated significant publicity over the past several years. Of course the crackpot journalists, TV talk-show hosts, and liberal theologians are vigorously promoting these productions as the "truth" about Christianity. Even some naive folks, who ostensibly are associated with "Christendom," are encouraging their friends ... read more »

The New Testament Pattern of “Giving”

It is a strange phenomenon in today's church. It is recognized widely that there are rules regulating worship. This is acknowledged in virtually every area of church activity-except in one's "giving." Many know how the music portion of the worship is to be conducted (with a cappella singing). Not a few understand the proper communion elements (bread and fruit of ... read more »