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Caiaphas – Official at the Trial of Jesus

Caiaphas, an important official in the city of Jerusalem, is mentioned nine times by name in the New Testament (Mt. 26:3,57; Lk. 3:2; Jn. 11:49; 18:13,14,24,28; Acts 4:6). Next to Pilate, the Roman governor, Caiaphas was the most powerful dignitary in Judea. He served for eighteen years (A.D. 18-36) as an appointee of the Roman government. This unusually long administration ... read more »

Luke’s Accuracy – Some “Unfinished Business”

The story came to me this way. In the fall of 1992, Notre Dame and Boston College contested one another in football. It was a one-sided rout as Notre Dame demolished its opponent. Even in the second half, well ahead in points, the Fighting Irish kept running up the score, contrary to that unspoken rule of good sportsmanship. Sometime later, ... read more »

The Hava Supai Dinosaur Carving

In 1879, E. L. Doheny, a young prospector out of Los Angeles, California, together with a party of fellow adventurers, wandered into the Hava Supai Canyon in northern Arizona. The region was wild and scarcely had been visited by white men at the time. The area had been inhabited, however, by the Hava Supai Indians for a very long while. ... read more »

Did the Nile River Really Turn to Blood?

"A college professor says that the Bible contains much that is 'myth.' An example given is when the Bible says that the Nile River was turned into blood (Exodus 7:14-25). It is claimed that this was merely a case of red-colored 'silt' that churned into the water of the Nile during the flooding season of that river. How might the ... read more »

Is the Shroud of Turin Real or Fake?

The controversy surrounding the so-called "Shroud of Turin" likely will never die. Interest in the controversy waxes and wanes. Exactly what is this mysterious object? Some Roman Catholic authorities contend that it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ (along with other sacred items, e.g., wood from the cross, a fragment of Joseph's coat, a piece of Jesus' crown of ... read more »

The Credibility of the Book of Acts

Liberal critics of the Bible have frequently alleged that the book of Acts is not a reliable document from the standpoint of history.F.C. Baur (1792-1860) of Germany popularized this view more than a century ago.This notion, however, has been thoroughly discredited. Sir William Ramsay (1851-1939), a British scholar, initially questioned the historicity of Acts, but after years of literally digging ... read more »

Steve Allen’s Attack upon the Bible

Steve Allen was an accomplished composer (he wrote somefour thousand songs). He was also a popular comedian (having hosted The Tonight Show and The Steve Allen Comedy Hour). While these accomplishments have been rehearsed in light of his recent death, few recognize that he was a humanistic philosopher of sorts. He had a vengeance toward the Bible that may be ... read more »

Old Testament Events and the Goodness of God

The Scriptures affirm that God is morally perfect. He is holy (Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 4:8), just and righteous (Psalm 89:14), and good (Psalm 100:5; 106:1). Being a morally perfect entity (Matthew 5:48), all that God does, commands, and approves must of necessity be good (Psalm 119:39,68). In view of this, the beginning Bible student may be troubled when he encounters ... read more »

Why People Believe in Evolution

The most insidious and damaging ideology ever foisted upon the mind of modern man is the notion that human beings are but animals, and the offspring of other, more primitive creatures. It is known as the theory of organic evolution. This concept has been reflected in recent years in such volumes as Phil Donahue's, The Human Animal (1986), and in ... read more »

The Marvelous Book of Jeremiah

The book of Jeremiah is one of the longest books of the Old Testament. It is also one of the most thrilling. In this article, we wish to give the reader an "Introduction" to this remarkable sacred narrative. The Author The author of this book is Jeremiah, a prophet (cf. Dan. 9:2; Mt. 2:17) of the city of Anathoth, a ... read more »