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What Is Sola Scriptura?

There are at least three serious errors-advocated by the prevailing authorities of the Roman Catholic Church-that pertain to the nature of the Scriptures. First, it is contended that the sixty-six books of our common Bibles do not contain the whole of the collection of divine writings. Hence, Catholic Bibles are appended with several extra books known as the Apocrypha. However, ... read more »

The Tower of Babel: Legend or History?

The book of Genesis is a narrative dealing with "beginnings," as the title of the document indicates. One of the beginnings in Genesis is the record of how human beings came to speak different languages. According to the Bible, originally "the whole earth was of one language" (Genesis 11:1). An ambitious humanity congregated in Shinar (Babylon) and set about to ... read more »

The Influence of Evolution upon Religion

When Charles Darwin's Origin of Species issued from the presses (November 24, 1859), it marked a history-changing event. The world has not been the same since-unfortunately. The theory of evolution has wielded its malevolent influence over the past century-and-a-half in a host of ways. There is not a single field of scientific and academic study which has not been greatly ... read more »

He Forsook the Treasures of Egypt

The name of Moses adorns many pages of the sacred Scriptures. The great prophet of God is mentioned more than 750 times in the Old Testament, and approximately eighty times in the New Testament; he is the predominate figure in the history of the nation of Israel. As both Testaments indicate, Moses grew up in the courts of Egyptian royalty ... read more »

Who Were the Nephilim?

Who were the Nephilim as described in Genesis 6:4? And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all that they chose. And Jehovah said, My spirit ... read more »

Jonah: A “Fish Story” or History?

Edwin Settle, a former college professor and minister (with a doctorate from Yale Divinity School), has directed an arrogant attack against the book of Jonah. His ill-conceived article, titled "Jonah's big fish story teaches important lesson," contains the following charge: "The book of Jonah cannot be accepted as history" (Settle, B-4). Professor Settle listed several "inaccuracies" allegedly contained in the ... read more »

Language Keys that Unlocked the Past

The Bible is a book of ancient history. Some of its literature goes back at least fifteen centuries before the birth of Christ. The Old Testament is largely the story of the Hebrew nation and the role this people would play in the unfolding purpose of God for human redemption. The culmination of the heavenly plan, of course, was in ... read more »

Is the Gospel of Thomas Real or Fake?

The e-mail I received was from Dr. Paterson Brown, who is affiliated with the Ecumenical Coptic Project in Athens, Greece. He forwarded to me copies of the so-called "Coptic Gospels" of Thomas, Phillip, and Truth.With reference to the "Gospel of Thomas," Dr. Brown wrote: Significantly, Professor Helmut Koester of Harvard University, speaking as President of the Society of Biblical Literature ... read more »

More Skull-Duggery

Some events are fairly predictable - like "the sun will rise tomorrow morning." Another prediction, almost certain to occur every few years, is the announcement that some anthropologist (evolutionist) has just discovered the oldest known remains of a "hominid" (a man form). The competition among evolutionists is tremendously fierce to see who can "scoop" whom in terms of publicity. William ... read more »

The BBC’s Theory on the Biblical Plagues

England's major broadcasting facility, the BBC, has just released a TV special in which an attempt was made to establish the case that the biblical plagues, visited upon Egypt during the time of Moses, and the subsequent parting of the Red Sea, were not supernatural phenomena.Rather, it is claimed, the "exodus" events were caused by a volcano that erupted on ... read more »