Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Christian Courier?

The Christian Courier began as a small Bible study journal mailed to readers each month. It was designed to present the teaching of Jesus in a simple, lucid style not characterized by ostentation or inflated language. It is written for average Christians — to help them become more knowledgeable in God’s Word, to fortify their faith in the Savior, and to equip them for defending the truth and living righteously in a sinful world.

The first issue was mailed to readers in May of 1965. Here is our mission statement, as adapted from the very first issue.

This small paper, to be published monthly is the beginning of a work of faith. Those engaged in this endeavor believe this work will bear much fruit unto great and eternal good. It is purposed that THE CHRISTIAN COURIER will be a righteous force for and among the people of God.

The paper will be mailed on a subscription-free basis to all interested persons ... It is hoped, however, that Christians will, after seeing the value of our efforts, be constrained to fellowship in the work. Its sole object is to seek the truth, acknowledging no other standard of religious faith or works other than the Old and New Testaments—the latter being the only standard of the religion of Jesus Christ.

As this labor is begun, it is launched with a prayer and for the everlasting glory of Jehovah, our God.

In 1998, we launched the Christian Courier on this website. Today it has grown to one of the most visited teaching websites among the churches of Christ, reaching nearly a half-million readers a month.

What denomination are you associated with?

Today, anyone can start a church, formulate a method by which new members may join, regulate the worship as they see fit, and so on. If they identify as a Christian religion, they are frequently referred to as a denomination of the church.

However, the idea of modern denominations is absent from the New Testament. Christ established his church (Mt. 16:15-16). It consists of one body of believers unified in his teaching. There were different independent congregations of his church in different towns and cities. But they all believed and practiced the same body of truth if they were to be faithful to Christ.

Since our mission is the follow the New Testament as a standard of the religion of Jesus Christ, we reject the modern concept of denominations. We appeal to all believers to be Christians only.

See Denominationalism: Permissible or Reprehensible for a more detailed treatment of this subject.

Is the printed edition different than the online edition?

Yes, the two editions are different.

The printed edition is still mailed to readers on a monthly basis. The online edition serves as an electronic library of sorts consisting of many of the articles that have appeared in past issues. However, the printed offline edition is still a vital offering for those who are interested in personal bible study.

I see Wayne Jackson has written a lot of your articles. Who is he?

Boyd Wayne Jackson was born at Old Hickory, Tennessee on August 29, 1937. His parents were Harry Boyd Jackson and Rubye Hardeman (Porch) Jackson.

Wayne attended the College of Evangelists in Tupelo, Mississippi. His first full-time work began shortly thereafter in Delta, Colorado for two years. From 1961 until 2017, he preached for the East Main Street church of Christ in Stockton, California.

Wayne earned an A.A. degree from Stockton College, a B.A. from Sacramento Baptist College and an M.A. from Alabama Christian School of religion.

Wayne has written for and edited the Christian Courier since its inception in 1965. He has written more than thirty books on a variety of biblical topics including The Bible and Science, Creation, Evolution, and the Age of the Earth, and The Bible on Trial. He has written commentaries covering all books of the Bible, including a one-volume commentary on the New Testament.

How can I contact Wayne Jackson?

Please visit our contact page for current contact information.