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A Rose Is a Rose; Or Is It?

Resistance to the biblical teaching that associates immersion in the name of Christ with the goal of “remission of sins” is a futile, yet on-going, endeavor. The “devisive” spirit never ceases attempting to twist the clear New Testament teaching (see Acts 2:38). In this week’s Penpoints, Jared Jackson demonstrates how a popular on-line, Bible study “tool” perpetuates a sectarian myth regarding baptism.

The Siege of Jerusalem

The destruction of God’s own city, Jerusalem, is a vivid warning to you and to me — of but yet another prophecy.

Testing the Spirits

A preacher or teacher must accept the heavy responsibility the Scriptures lay upon that role. His audience also has a responsibility—to test his message, whether or not it is from God.

What’s This Mars Stuff All About?

Scientists continue to pursue the hunt for life on other planets. The Mars rover experiments are but another recent example of this vain objective of the evolutionary community.

Why Was Cain’s Sacrifice Rejected?

“Did God reject Cain’s sacrifice simply because he did not ‘give his best’ or was it because it was not a blood sacrifice like Abel’s? Did God require an animal sacrifice (blood sacrifice) on this occasion?”