Christian Courier Articles

The Ascension of Christ – A Most Significant Event

While the “resurrection” of Christ is generally recognized as the foundation of Christianity, the “ascension” is equally significant. In this month’s Feature article, Wayne Jackson addresses the importance of the “ascension” doctrine.

The Strange Case of Julian “The Apostate”

The Roman emperor, known as Julian “the Apostate,” represents but another “glitch” on the panoramic screen of history in the futile efforts to discredit Christianity.

Does 1 Cor. 3:15 Support the Doctrine of “Eternal Security”?

First Corinthians 3:10-15 is a difficult portion of scripture. Calvinists contend that the passage teaches that though a child of God may suffer temporally for sins, he can never so sin as to be lost eternally. But what does this context really teach? Study this matter with us.

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Persecution

Persecution of God’s people has always been a reality. Some who contributed toward the founding of this nation fled persecution. Now, the country conceived for the liberty of all is becoming a hotbed of anti-Christian sentiment. What should the Christian do?

Song of Solomon 1:1 – Solomon’s Song

Song of Solomon is a beautiful work of inspired literature that extols the bliss of genuine love after the divine order.

Psalm 95 — A Message of Urgency

Psalm 95, and echoes thereof in the New Testament, speak eloquently to the man and woman of today. Those who “have ears to hear,” should do so with great dispatch. Are you listening to God’s voice?

Was Christ’s Power Limited by Man’s Faith?

When Christ was in his “own country,” Mark says that “he could do no mighty work” there (Mark 6:5). What is the meaning of this perplexing passage?

The Hava Supai Dinosaur Carving

In the autumn of 1924, a team of scientists went into the Hava Supai region of the Grand Canyon area to document strange carvings on one of the canyon walls. One of these carvings, which seems to depict a dinosaur, has been largely ignored by the scientific community. Read about this remarkable discovery in this week’s Penpoints.

1 John 1:7 – The Cleansing Fountain

When the conditions God are happily met, one may be assured of the merciful pardon of Heaven.

An Amazing Prophecy in the Book of Daniel

The book of Daniel stands as powerful evidence for the genuineness of Bible prophecy. It thus is a convincing demonstration of the divine origin of the Scriptures.