Christian Courier Articles

Jeremiah 1:5 – Jeremiah’s Call

There are three features of God’s call of Jeremiah that are important to note.

Understanding Forgiveness

We must try to master the art of forgiving—for others’ sake, and for our own.

What Is the History of Infant Sprinkling?

When did the practice of infant sprinkling originate? Was it an apostolic practice? Or did it develop later? Let us look at the historical facts.

The Pain of Lingering Regrets

Every sensitive soul is troubled from time to time by regrets that linger regarding past deeds in his life. There is a wrong way and a right way to deal with regret. Think about this matter with us in this week’s Penpoints article.

3 John 2 – Body and Soul

The Apostle John shows an obvious distinction between the body and the soul.

The Magic of Kindness

If we would emulate our God, we will cultivate kindness. This one moral attribute can work wonders on both friends and enemies.

What Was that “Light” before the Sun (Genesis 1:3)?

Is the Bible incorrect in referring to the existence of “light” before the creation of the sun? What was that mysterious “light” on the first day of Earth’s history?

If We Never Meet Again

In a farewell to the Ephesian elders, Paul reminded the brethren of his life and ministry among them (Acts 20:18-21). In what Paul believed to be his last opportunity to see them, he recollected former days to encourage their fidelity in the future.

Isaiah 6:1-5 – Isaiah’s Vision of Jehovah

Isaiah’s vision of “Jehovah of hosts” argues the deity of Jesus Christ.

What Are the Unicorns and Satyrs Mentioned in the Bible?

Bible critics have charged the sacred book with mistakes in that the King James Version mentions both “unicorns” and “satyrs” — both of which are mythical creatures. How does the student of the Scriptures respond to this alleged difficulty?