Obadiah 1 – The Doom of Edom

By Wayne Jackson

Through his prophet Obadiah, the Lord spoke to the nation of Edom. The name “Edom” referred to that band known as the Edomites, who were the descendants of Esau, son of Isaac (Genesis 36:1-17).

Their territory lay to the south of Canaan. A survey of Old Testament history reveals that the Edomites were perpetual enemies of the Israelite people (see Numbers 20:14-21; 1 Samuel 14:47; 2 Samuel 8:13; 1 Kings 11:15,16; 2 Kings 14:7).

In studying this little book, therefore, one needs to have some knowledge regarding the background of these people, and why Jehovah’s patience with their wickedness was to come to an end.

Thus, underline the word “Edom” in verse 1, and in your margin reflect: Descendants of Esau; enemies of Israel. Then enter one or two of the passages cited above which provides the background on these harsh rebels.

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About the Author

Wayne Jackson has written for and edited the Christian Courier since its inception in 1965. He has also written several books on a variety of biblical topics including The Bible and Science, Creation, Evolution, and the Age of the Earth, The Bible on Trial, and a number of commentaries. He lives in Stockton, California with his dear wife, and life-long partner, Betty.